Diamond in the Rough Hair Spa Founder Sa'Korya Avery Natural hair care specialist that find her niche in entrepreneurship.

Sa'Korya was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and is the mother of four beautiful girls. In 2014, Sa’Korya became one of the first recipients of a natural hair care license in the State of Oregon. Sa'Korya in 2015 was the first African American woman to become an educator of natural hair care for the Multnomah County Library system in Oregon which speaks volumes about her passion and commitment to healthy hair. Sa’Korya absolutely loves what she does and believes that having your hair styled & healthy sets a mood that exudes confidence, conveys strength, and creates smiles. It also helps you to embrace your natural beauty. In believing that hair is a form of art , Sa’Korya is a professional hair artist that uses natural hair to create her masterpiece.

In August 2015, Sa'Korya was burned from the top of her forehead to the bottom of her chin, covered in first- and second-degree burns. She needed to be healed and did not want to use the doctor recommended products that were processed and included artificial ingredients . After countless hours of deliberate research on...

Sa'Korya began creating her own 3N1 natural handcraft products. This journey began with her personal need to heal and the desire to use something natural and moisturizing for her skin. As she began to heal , her clients started inquiring about her healing process and wanted to purchase the products. In response to the demand and need for high quality natural products , Sa’Korya began the production and branding of her 3N1 Diamond In the Rough product line. Learning how to make natural products has helped Diamond In The Rough to move in a new direction.

Diamond In The Rough now specializes in all natural handcrafted products that can be used for hair, scalp, and body. Sa'Korya's journey has not been easy. As she continues to expand , she is constantly looking for new innovating ways to master the art of hair care to support her clients and to create natural products to build her brand.